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Little Cadets Community Preschool 

Our Little Cadets Community Preschool mission is to bring joy to learning.  We focus learning with an engaging curriculum which supports strong academics, a safe and supportive environment, developmentally appropriate play and social experiences, and active parental involvement. The goal of our program is to teach the whole child and to prepare our students for a lifetime of learning.  Our goal is to empower preschool children to develop new skills while respecting them as individual learners. 

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Little Cadets Developmental Preschool

Our Little Cadets Developmental Preschool goal is to provide individualized programming for each student.  In this preschool, we offer programming for students ages 3 to 5 who are eligible for special education services. We currently offer half-day programming for our students, with most 3-year-olds attending three days, 4-year-olds attending four days, and 5-year-olds attending five days.

Whether your child is transitioning from the community First Steps program, or you are inquiring on your own, our team will perform comprehensive diagnostic evaluations in our preschool setting. The evaluation data they gather is used to determine if a child qualifies for special education services. Eligibility is discussed at a case conference meeting along with parents or caregivers, who are active members of the team. If a child is determined to be eligible to receive special education services, an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) will be written.  An IEP ensures that a child’s individual goals are implemented into the daily curriculum, and provides opportunities for a child to practice the skills that are specific to his/her needs.

For information please email [email protected]

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